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The Worst Fall Pests Facing Virginia Homes

Unlike deer mice, house mice love living with us! They don't need cold weather as an excuse to enter our homes, but cold weather does provide an additional incentive. Once they establish themselves inside a home, these mice will be happy to remain there permanently....

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Stopping Residential Ant Infestations In Virginia

Being one of the most common house pests, ants have proven that they are a nuisance time and time again. Seeing them crawling on your floor or congregating around a food source is not only disgusting, but also embarrassing if you happen to have company over....

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Common Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation

As the last rains of spring subside and the summer heat begins to bear down on us, termite swarms become more and more common. Termites don’t hibernate, so even though they’re most active during summer, they’re also chewing away all year long....

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