Be On The Lookout For Termite Swarmers Around Your Virginia Home


termite swarmer on wood

Would you know a swarmer if you saw one? In the spring, lots of insects can crawl on your home and on your screens. It is important that you know what a termite swarmer looks like when you see it because termite swarmers are an important warning sign you don't want to miss.

What A Termite Swarmer Looks Like

Most of the termites in a termite colony are a pale color because most of the termites in a colony are workers or soldiers. But, if you're looking for a pale-colored insect, you might not recognize a swarmer when you see it. Swarmers are black. They're also different from workers and soldiers in another important way; they have wings. These wings are white, and they stack on top of each other. The tips are rounded, and they hang off the end of a swarmer by quite a bit. Keep in mind that these insects are very small. Fortunately, those whites wings are quite noticeable.

Two Ways You'll See Swarmers

When you find swarmers in your yard, you'll either find a small number of a large number. If you notice 1 to 4 swarmers on the outside of your home, it is possible that you're looking at the beginning of an infestation. When you see dozens or hundreds of swarmers, it is a strong warning sign that there is an active and mature nest on your property or very near to your property. This is because swarmers don't stay together in a swarm for more than about 30 minutes, and these swarms don't travel far. Once the termites mate, they break off and look for suitable locations to create nests, this is when they'll come into your yard in smaller numbers. But seeing only a few termite swarmers is still something you should have checked out by a licensed termite control professional. And consider yourself fortunate that you saw them.

The Way You're Most Likely To Detect Swarmers  (Wings)

After termite swarmers mate, they shed their wings. A large swarm can develop and dissipate in a few short minutes. But their shed wings can linger on the ground as a warning sign for you. If swarmers come out of an active nest near your home, they're likely to come out in the voids underneath structures. A helpful tip is to look for shed wings on the ground or in spider webs underneath exterior structures such as decks, porches, patios, and stairs.

Termite Prevention Tips

Swarmers take to the air in spring. This is an important time of year to not only be on the lookout for termite swarmers, but to alter conditions around your home that can attract swarmers to your property. Here are some tips:

  • Remove stumps, logs, and trees that have heart rot.
  • Remove leaves and organic debris that is near your home.
  • Move wood piles away from your home.
  • Make sure your gutters are clear and that dampness isn't occurring near your home.
  • Address standing water.
  • Water your plants in the morning so the sun has time to dry the moisture before nightfall.
  • Trim tree branches to let the sun shine into shaded areas where it tends to get damp.
  • Fix leaking exterior spigots.

The Best Way To Protect Your Virginia Home From Termites

There is no better way to protect your Virginia home from termite damage than to invest in ongoing termite protection. If you live in the Greater Roanoke area, consider All Pest Control & Solutions. We use the award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™. When termites attack your property, Sentricon® with Always Active™ will immediately work to eliminate the attacking colony, and the Certified Sentricon® Professional assigned to your property will know it; that means you'll know it. And you'll have the important reminder that your investment in termite control was worth it. Reach out to us today with questions or to establish termite protection. We're standing by to help.


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