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Is Moisture Control Necessary For Virginia Homes?

Controlling moisture in your home increases energy efficiency, making it less costly to heat and cool the home while preventing mold growth, wood rot, insect damage, and swelling. In our area moisture is a big problem for attics, foundations, and walls – and once moisture has seeped into the structure, it can travel throughout the home causing air quality problems and other potential health issues including allergies or asthma, along with severe and costly damages to the structure itself.

Moisture control helps avoid issues stemming from excess humidity including:

  • Fungus
  • Mold
  • Water damage
  • Mildew
  • Termites
  • Pests

Moisture Control Solutions From All Pest Control

moisture issues cause black mold in VA homes

All Pest Control provides several options for moisture control to meet the needs of Virginia’s humid climate.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

For decades, building codes and conventional wisdom meant crawl spaces were built with outside air as the primary means to control moisture. Many homes built on crawl space foundations in the Southeastern United States have suffered from poor moisture management within the structure as a result, and also from a growing number of ailments caused by excessive moisture in the home, including:

  • Mold or moisture damage in the crawl space itself or upper living areas
  • Musty odors in the living areas
  • Sweating or condensation on the air conditioning ductwork or equipment
  • High humidity in the crawl space and living areas, with mold growth on surfaces
  • Condensation on insulation, water pipes, or metal on pipes in crawl spaces
  • Hardwood floor buckling
  • Doors and windows that stick and are hard to open due to swelling
  • Insect infestations from pests attracted to moisture, such as termites and wood-boring beetles
  • Mold-caused rot in wooden framing

Modern research now shows that keeping crawl spaces sealed without ventilation to the outside improves moisture control and results in significant energy savings.

All Pest will encapsulate and seal off your entire crawl space in white plastic to reduce moisture in your crawl space and prevent your risks for mold.

Home Dehumidifiers

As part of our crawl space encapsulation services, we install crawl space dehumidifiers and ventilation to keep your home’s air dry and clean, protecting from mold and other damages. Warm air coming into a basement or crawl space naturally rises through the home and out through the upper windows and roof – creating a vacuum within your home. The air in the crawl space will condense and create mold and wood rot while creating efficiency problems for your home’s energy systems.  By sealing the crawl space off with encapsulation and vapor barriers, and installing a dehumidifier, we can prevent excess moisture and create a dry and healthy environment in your home.

Sump Pump Systems

As the ground around your home becomes saturated with water it will flow across the surface to any low spot. Water pressure builds over time and if it finds a crack in your home foundation or the basement floor, will easily flow inside and fill your basement or crawl space. If your home experiences groundwater flooding, you need a sump pump system installed. A sump pump will pump water out as it collects in your basement or crawl space automatically.

All Pest can recommend and install a sump pump to protect your home from flooding and reduce moisture problems as a result of having water in your crawlspace or basement.

Insulation Removal & Replacement

When you think about moisture control, you probably don’t think about insulation, do you? What you may not realize is that the insulation in your home acts like a sponge, wicking excess moisture and over time- damaging the insulation. As insulation becomes damp, it degrades and loses some of its R-value which will decrease its ability to insulate your home effectively. This, in turn, increases your home’s energy expenses and your risks for attracting various moisture-loving pests. When performing moisture control services, All Pest also recommends an inspection and replacement of damaged insulation as necessary to lower your utility bills and decrease risks for pest infestations.

All Pest Home Insulation Services

  • Insulation Inspection: Our professionals will look for insulation that is damaged by excess moisture.
  • Service Recommendation: If the insulation in your home is damaged, our team will make recommendations to remove and replace the insulation to prevent moisture and pest problems.
  • Insulation Removal and Replacement: Our technicians will carefully remove the damaged insulation and replace with new, top-of-the-line insulation to give you the best value for your dollar. Our customers see improved energy savings and enjoy the confidence of knowing their insulation is not holding excess moisture or becoming home to a pest infestation.

Total Customer Satisfaction

 Our goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by treating everyone fairly and with respect. We care about your home and your health!

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Moisture Control FAQ

Why do I have black mold?

Black mold is likely to appear in homes that are damp and humid.  Basements or crawl spaces are especially susceptible to mold growth but really anywhere there is excessive moisture, this potentially dangerous mold can grow. 

What are the signs of overexposure to mold?

Chronic coughing and sneezing, eye irritation, runny nose, and aggravation of asthma are the most common symptoms of overexposure to black mold.  Not all individuals experience health issues and those that suffer from asthma and allergies may see those conditions worsen. 

What’s the connection between moisture and termites?

Termite infestations are more likely to occur in homes where there is water damage, excessive moisture issues, and unventilated areas.  Unfortunately, termite infestations can result in extensive damage – damage that may not be covered by insurance.  In order to discourage termite activity, it is important to correct moisture issues especially in areas that are prone to excessive moisture, such as basements and crawl spaces. 


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