How Dangerous Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Lynchburg Home?


a bed bug on white bedding

Almost everyone knows that bed bugs are bad news. But do you know that bed bugs are dangerous? Find out what makes this common pest so dangerous and some of the best ways to get rid of them.

Bed Bugs in Lynchburg

All bed bugs are similar in appearance. They are small, brown, and oval-shaped. To survive, they must feed on blood from humans or animals. Before feeding, a bed bug appears flat. But after feeding, they are swollen and redder in color.

Typically, bed bugs enter Lynchburg homes by hitchhiking. They can't fly, so they prefer to move around by traveling in luggage, clothes, and pets. However, they can move on their own accord. They can crawl, but won't travel long distances by foot.

Hazards of Bed Bugs

The biggest problem with bed bugs is that they are difficult to remove. However, that's not the only issue.

  • Disease Transmission: There's a chance that bed bugs can transmit diseases. Although there's no concrete evidence yet, there's a possibility they could make you sick. One study demonstrated that bed bugs might carry and spread Chagas disease, an illness frequently transmitted by kissing bugs. In the early stages of the disease, symptoms include fever, fatigue, or a rash. You may also experience vomiting or loss of appetite. At times, the disease goes away on its own. But it can stay dormant for years. When it comes back, the symptoms are worse. The second phase of Chagas is serious and could cause heart failure, altered heart rhythm, and blood clots. It can even cause sudden cardiac arrest.

  • Anemia: Bed bugs can also cause you to become anemic if they take enough of your blood. This can affect you, your family, and your pets. If you have fatigue, dizziness, or a fast heartbeat, you could be suffering from anemia. Unless you remove the bed bugs and treat your anemia, you'll continue to suffer.

  • Secondary Infections: Another health issue could arise from secondary infections. When bed bugs bite, they leave behind itchy welts. If you scratch too hard at the welts, you may develop a secondary infection.

  • Insomnia: If you are losing sleep at night, bed bugs could be to blame. Even though you can't feel them bite, you can feel the aftermath. Your bites could leave you scratching away all night. Just knowing you have bed bugs could be enough to make you lose sleep. After a few weeks, your lack of sleep could affect your relationships, your work, and your social life.

Bed Bug Elimination

Perhaps the worst thing about bed bugs is the fact that they are difficult to eliminate. Because they reproduce at a rapid rate, bed bugs quickly take over homes. If you don't remove all of the bed bugs in your home, they will reproduce and remain a problem.

Typically, bed bugs hide in places throughout your home. While they are often found under mattresses, they also live in headboards, picture frames, and other furniture.

If you try a DIY method of bed bug removal, you probably won't be successful. You may not find all of the bed bug hideouts, and your efforts could be a waste of time. Sadly, most methods of DIY bed bug removal are ineffective.

There's only one right way to handle your bed bug issue. When you work with a professional, you can get the results you need. They know what it takes to remove bed bugs from your property. In doing so, they keep you and your family safe.

If you have a bed bug problem, you should act quickly. Contact All Pest Control & Solutions at the first sign of bed bugs.


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