How To Prepare Your Virginia Home For The Return Of Ant Season


two ants crawling on food in a home in virginia

Was your Virginia home overrun by ants last year? It’s not too late for you to start thinking about how you are going to protect your home and property from them this year. Stopping ants is not as easy as you may think. Once a colony has established a home base, it seems like they are there to stay. No matter how hard you try, the ants keep coming back.

An ant's natural habitat is typically outdoors, but they get into homes while they are out foraging for food for their colonies. They can enter through cracks and crevices in foundations and exterior walls; they also get in under doors, broken windows or screens, and gaps around utility entrances.

To prevent ants from getting in, you will need to seal off all entry points. Make sure there are no gaps around utility wires, cables, and pipes. You should also install door sweeps and make sure that all of your door and window screens are intact and in good repair. No matter how diligent you are, somehow ants can always find a way indoors especially if their lives depend upon it.

The main focus for most ants is food and moisture. They are especially drawn to kitchens, dishwashers, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, not to mention rooms where food bits tend to be in high supply. They will feast on crumbs and sticky messes that are left behind on floors, counters, and other surfaces.

To make your home less attractive to ants you will need to keep your home clean and free from crumbs, spills, and uncovered food items. You will also need to reduce the moisture in your home by repairing leaks promptly and using dehumidifiers in damp rooms.

Even if you seal off all entry points around your home and keep your home clean and dry, you may still experience an ant infestation. If you want a guarantee that your ant problem will be taken care of so you won’t be bothered by them year after year, you will need to call on a professional pest control service that offers effective ant solutions.

All Pest Control & Solutions in Virginia offers customizable treatment plans just for you. Our experienced technicians know that each species of ant requires specialized treatment and are prepared to get rid of all of them for you. Our proactive home pest control plans are designed to protect your family and your home from a variety of pests. Our All Pest Essential, All Pest Plus, and All Pest Complete include a thorough initial inspection and professional pest control for ants and 30+ other common pests in our area. Start today and get rid of stubborn ants with All Pest Control and Solutions. Give us a call to find out more information about how we can help.


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