How To Spot Early Warning Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Virginia Home


cockroach in basement

What Cockroaches Are Cockroaches Like?

Cockroaches have a flat, oval-shaped body with six legs and long antennae. They may appear in various colors, including dark red, brown, and black, and may range between ½ inch and two inches or more in length. Many types of adult cockroaches have wings; however, most are unable to fly. The younger developing cockroaches (nymphs) are small and wingless. 

Cockroaches typically nest in groups, and tend to actively prowl for food and water after dark. Inside a home, they often hide during the daytime in crevices, behind furniture, and under sinks and appliances. Cockroaches are omnivores that will consume plants and animals when outdoors. When indoors, they will eat most of the same foods that humans do. 

Five Potential Signs Of A Cockroach Intrusion 

1. Although cockroaches are rarely seen during the day, when entering a dark room, you might see cockroaches scatter if you suddenly turn on the light.

2. Smaller cockroaches leave a trail of excrement (feces) that resemble black pepper or coffee grounds, while larger roach droppings resemble small black cylinders.

3. Unexplained foul odors will often develop, and those with sensitivities may develop an allergy or flu-like symptoms.

4. Faint sounds within walls or baseboards may be heard as cockroaches scuttle about inside.

5. Oval-shaped cases may be discovered, which are the cockroach eggs known as ootheca.  

What Are The Dangers Posed By Cockroaches?

Cockroaches routinely travel through garbage, sewers, drains, and other potentially filthy and unsanitary areas. They commonly carry bacteria, pathogens, and parasites that can contaminate surfaces and food. Cockroaches are known to cause dysentery, cholera, salmonellosis, and a host of other problems. They shed skin and spread feces, which might cause asthma attacks and other allergic reactions among vulnerable people. 

Why Do I Need To Speak With A Professional Exterminator?

Cockroaches are very resilient pests that can become deeply entrenched in a property, and make themselves at home. Avoid the mistake that many property owners make by attempting do-it-yourself home treatment options, such as aerosol sprays, bait systems, foggers, and other products sold online and in local stores. Many of these products will generate only short-term results, and are incapable of completely banishing these hearty pests. 

Also, many of these mass-marketed options could contain chemical agents that could be a health concern to humans and pets. Make the call to a licensed pest extermination company today to ensure that these critters are swiftly and safely removed from the property. 

Leading Pest Control Service Specialists In Virginia

Did you know that the team at All Pest Control & Solutions is among the leaders in the pest management industry, and is now QualityPro accredited? This professional designation is earned through a process involving continual employee education and training. It requires meeting a set of standards and best practices in the pest control market as well. As a family-owned and operated company, we remain committed to protecting our customers and the local Virginia environment that we all share. 

Our seasoned technicians are well-equipped with the latest products for eradicating intrusions by cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and a variety of other aggravating pests from both residential and commercial properties. Contact our local office today to schedule a thorough interior and exterior property inspection and estimate. Remember to ask our representative about our year-round pest protection plans that eliminate more than 30 types of unwanted pests.


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