Lynchburg's Complete Guide To Effective Rat Control


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The scuffling of rats in your walls or ceiling is enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck. If you don't want rats taking over your home, there are a few things you should know. Check out this guide to rat control and keep your Lynchburg property rat-free. Read on to learn how to protect your family from rats.

Rats In Lynchburg

There are two types of rats in Lynchburg that often bother property owners. First, there's the Norway rat. With a long and heavy body, this rat has an imposing appearance. It has brown fur that's speckled with black, and the underbelly fur is light. Norway rats aren't very agile, so they usually limit their presence to the ground level. Typically, they nest in the basement and on the first floor of local properties.

Second, there's the roof rat. These rats are dark brown or black and have some gray hairs. Like the Norway rat, these rats have lighter underbellies. However, unlike their counterparts, roof rats have thin bodies. They're excellent climbers and often climb trees to make their way onto roofs.

Both rats have one thing in common - they depend on people for their food. When you leave garbage cans open, rats rummage through your cans for crumbs and leftovers. They may head into your home in search of open pantry items or crumbs on your floors.

The Dangers Of Lynchburg Rats

All rodents in Lynchburg, including rats, are dangerous to humans. When rats are near people, they pose a serious health threat. They transmit a long list of diseases, which puts your health at risk. In the urine and feces of rats, you can find a variety of diseases and pathogens. When they walk through your home, rats leave a trail of danger.

Rats can also trigger allergic reactions. If you or a family member is susceptible, the result is a runny nose, itchy throat, red eyes, or even asthma attacks. Regardless of your allergies, rats also can spread parasites. They could bring ticks, mites, and fleas into your home or business.

In addition to harming your health, rats cause property damage. They are always gnawing on things, and don't care how much damage they cause you. At times, they chew through wires and create fire hazards. As they chew on wood, they can also cause structural damage. When you have rats around, you could experience significant property damage.

How To Prevent Rats

If you don't want to be a victim of a rat infestation, you need to be proactive. Pest prevention is the key to protecting your property. With these tips, you can keep rats at bay.

  • Proper Food Storage: Keep your dried goods in plastic or glass containers. Because rats are excellent chewers, they can get through your cardboard boxes and eat the food inside them.

  • Proper Trash Storage: Just as you store your food with care, you should store your garbage with care. Use cans with lids or rats will find their way inside them.

  • Maintain Your Yard: Rats don't just appear inside Lynchburg homes. First, they get into your yard. Make your yard less appealing by cleaning debris and mowing the grass.

  • Work With A Professional: Rats can take a small hole and turn it into an entrance. For this reason, it's almost impossible to keep them from entering your home. The most effective way to handle a rat infestation is to contact us. Our professionals at All Pest Control & Solutions are here to help with rodent control for your Lynchburg home.


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