Termite Season Is Here Again In Virginia - Are You Prepared?


many termites damaging wood at a virginia property

Most people enjoy spring because it means the return of flowers and warm weather. It’s much less pleasant to think about spring being the return of termite season, but it’s definitely something you should think about. Termite season is here again in Virginia. Are you prepared?

Is There Really A Termite Season?

The sad truth about termites is that they remain active all year long, especially if they’ve found their way into the climate-controlled environment of your home. Because of that, there really is no one season that can be called termite season.

However, spring is often referred to as termite season because it is the time of year when swarmer termites come out. Swarmer termites are the reproductive members of a termite colony. They come out in the spring to mate. The only termites with wings, they shed them once they mate, then head back underground to start a new colony.

Swarmers are important when it comes to termite detection for a couple of reasons. They are often the only sign of a termite infestation that people ever see. Swarmers indicate that there is a well-established colony somewhere nearby. A termite swarm also means that new colonies will soon be established as each mated pair begins a new colony of their own.

How To Prevent Termites From Entering Your Virginia Home

Termites enjoy water-damaged wood the most, but they’ll also happily chew on sound wood if that’s what they can find. However, it’s still wise to make sure your property is free of excess moisture. This requires installing good drainage systems, fixing leaking pipes and spigots, and keeping humidity low inside your home. You should also avoid allowing wood-to-soil contact such as fence posts or porch beams that go directly into the ground. Repairing any rotting or water-damaged wood as soon you find it is also an important preventative step.

Unfortunately, even if you take preventative measures, you may still end up with a termite infestation. They are very difficult to detect and can get inside your home without your knowledge. In order to be 100% protected from the threat of a termite infestation, something more than DIY prevention methods must be used. That’s where All Pest Control & Solutions comes in. Our four-step termite control process includes a complete inspection, spot treatments, liquid termite treatment application, and continued maintenance and monitoring. With termite protection from All Pest, you can be certain that your home is protected against a termite infestation and the extensive damage they cause. Give All Pest a call to schedule a free evaluation.


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