The Problems Stink Bugs Bring To Lynchburg Properties


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Many pests that invade Lynchburg, Virginia properties can be disgusting to deal with, but one of the grossest of all are stink bugs. These insects are known for the foul-smelling odor they emit when squished, and while the smell can be difficult to describe, many people compare it to skunk musk or rotting cilantro.

Stink bugs prefer to live outdoors amongst plants and trees, but they can make their way indoors in search of shelter when the weather starts to cool down. They will often spend the winter hiding in out-of-sight areas of a building. Then, once it’s warm again, they will begin to congregate together around windows and walls that face the sun.

This guide will help you identify and prevent these invasive pests, so read on to find out more.

What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

Stink bugs are actually a group of insects, and there are many specific varieties. The most common in the area by far, however, is the brown marmorated stink bug. This species is a mix of brown and grey colors in mottled patterns. This coloration allows them to camouflage into rocks and trees. Their backs also have a distinctive shield shape.

How Much Of A Problem Are Stink Bugs?

While some pests in Lynchburg can be dangerous to people and pets, stink bugs are thankfully not one of them. They aren’t known to spread any diseases, and they also don’t bite or sting. Because of this, they are mainly considered a nuisance pest, but this doesn’t mean they don’t bring problems with them.

For one thing, they are very invasive and tend to gather in large numbers. They can become widespread throughout a property, and this makes them difficult to eradicate completely.

Secondly, stink bugs are agricultural pests that can cause serious damage to crops. While this might mainly concern farmers and others who work with crops, these pests can also cause some damage to plants around homes and businesses.

Five Stink Bug Prevention Tips

Because stink bugs can be hard to eliminate, it’s easier to prevent them than to remove them. The following five measures can help make your property less appealing to these stinky insects:

  1. Keep gardens away from the exterior walls of your home, as stink bugs often live in these areas.
  2. Try to keep outdoor lighting to a minimum and keep lights pointed away from doors and windows.
  3. To make it more difficult for stink bugs to make their way inside, repair broken screens, install door sweeps, and place weather stripping around the property.
  4. Remove organic debris from around your property, such as grass clippings and leaf piles.
  5. Repair holes in the walls and foundation to make it even harder for these pests to get inside. You can use products such as caulk and foam insulation.

These preventative steps will help to minimize your risk of attracting stink bugs to your home but they are likely not enough to eliminate existing populations.

The Simple Way To Remove Stink Bugs

When stink bugs have already made their way inside, the easiest way to remove these foul-smelling pests is with assistance from All Pest Control & Solutions.

We are a second-generation pest control company that provides affordable and reliable pest control options, and we will get rid of these invasive bugs in no time. To get started, contact us today and request your free inspection.


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