The Worst Fall Pests Facing Virginia Homes


a mouse on a cup in a home in virginia

There are many nuisance pests that invade our Virginia homes in fall. Perhaps you're familiar with some of them! Have you ever found stink bugs, ladybugs, and boxelder bugs clinging to your screens in late fall and climbing around on your curtains, lining up on your interior window sills, and crawling on your light fixtures during the winter months? If you have, then you're not alone - this is actually a very common occurrence. Fortunately for us, those insects are mostly harmless. However, there is another pest that is inclined to enter our homes in the fall, and they aren’t so harmless.


As temperatures begin to drop, deer mice, house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats start looking for a place to hide out during the cold winter months. If any of these rodents are living on your property or exploring your exterior walls during the fall months, it is likely that they will choose to invade your home when the weather gets colder.

Deer Mice
Deer mice don't prefer to live in our homes with us, but the cold temperatures may drive them inside. These pests will typically target sheds, barns, outbuildings, and garages, before invading a home. If they do find their way into your home, they will gravitate to secluded locations such as attic spaces, storage rooms, and basements.

House Mice
Unlike deer mice, however, house mice love living with us! They don't need cold weather as an excuse to enter our homes, but cold weather does provide an additional incentive. Once they establish themselves inside a home, these mice will be happy to remain there permanently.

Norway Rats
Norway rats, also called brown rats, are versatile pests that typically create underground tunnels and burrows in the soil - sometimes underneath structures or wood piles - but will enjoy the comfort of a warm winter home if given the opportunity; and, under the right circumstances, they may even continue to use man-made structures as their shelter all year long.

Roof Rats
Roof rats, also called house rats, are similar to house mice in terms of their affinity for living with humans and will be glad to take up permanent residence inside homes. These rats can be found invading your attic, your basement, and anywhere in between.

Rodent Problems

When rodents get into a home, they present many issues. First of all, these rodent pests can be a huge nuisance, as they bump and thump in walls and create a foul-smelling odor as they leave their urine and feces throughout your home. However, the fact that these rodents make unpleasant house guests is not the biggest problem with these pests. Both mice and rats can present serious health problems as well! These pests can carry fleas, ticks, and other ectoparasites into your home, and are responsible for the mechanical transmission of a variety of harmful bacteria, as well as the biological transmission of human pathogens.

Before rodents have a chance to invade your Virginia home this fall, consider investing in a residential pest control plan that includes rodent management! If you live in Roanoke or the surrounding area, reach out to All Pest to request your free inspection. At All Pest, we can help you get your protection in place before the rodents start exploring your walls for a place to escape the cold. For all of your pest control needs, go All Pest!


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