What Every Lynchburg Resident Should Know About Termite Control


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Each year across the country, termites create billions of dollars in damage to property by consuming parts of wooden structures. Unfortunately, most property insurance agreements contain a written exclusion that pertains to termite-related damage. In nature, termites help break down wood from fallen trees and other materials containing cellulose and allow the nutrients to reenter the soil. 

There are a host of different kinds of termites that plague property owners in the Lynchburg area

What Are The Different Kinds Of Termites In This Region? 

While dry wood termites and Formosan termites plague many regions, in this area the vast majority are Eastern subterranean termites. These pests are typically 1/8 of an inch long, and their bodies appear in shades of cream, tan, or brown. Subterranean refers to their nesting sites, which are large underground colonies that are commonly connected by tunnels referred to as mud tubes that allow for travel between the sources of wood above. 

Signs Of A Possible Problem With Termites

Some of the most common indications include: 

  • Interior walls often appear warped or water damaged, and ceilings may begin to bow.
  • Floors may sound very creaky when walked upon. 

  • Windows and doors may become increasingly difficult to open or close because of shifts in adjacent wooden parts of the structure.

  • In the spring months, swarms of winged termites might be seen congregating as part of their mating ritual.

  • Keep in mind that termites generally consume the inside of wooden structures first, meaning that damage may progress significantly before being detected.

How To Keep Termites Away?

Termites are attracted to sources of wood that have been water damaged; therefore, it is important to repair leaks, keep gutter systems clear, and ensure basements and crawlspaces are properly ventilated. The exterior foundation or wooden parts of the base of the structure should not have direct contact with the soil. Create a barrier of stone, rock, or other inedible material if possible. Keep all firewood and cardboard away from the property’s exterior and consider alternatives to wood mulch such as pine needles, pea gravel, or another material. 

The Importance Of Professional Termite Treatments

Avoid the aerosol sprays, foams, granular concentrates, and other do-it-yourself products sold in local stores that are marketed using embellished claims of effectiveness. What is the best termite killer for Lynchburg homes? Rather than trying store-bought termite treatments, consider seeking assistance from a pest control professional. 

All Pest Control & Solutions uses a comprehensive approach to safely, quickly, and effectively oust termites from homes and businesses that these wood-destroying insects have victimized. Our certified inspectors complete a detailed inspection to reveal the current termite activity and assess the current damage and entry path(s).  Next, our specialist will inform you of the best treatment options and may implement an interim spot treatment option that will temporarily prevent further damage. 

Upon returning to the property, our staff will usually apply a liquid Termidor product to the exterior and structure’s foundation. This application creates a “virtual” barrier to entry for termites. In the meanwhile, the termites usually pass through the treated area and become exposed to the formula. 

Following treatment, a representative with All Pest Control & Solutions will return to the property to assess the progress and ensure progress. If needed, monitoring devices may be strategically positioned to track any further activity. 

Experienced Pest Control Company In Lynchburg

More than 8,000 customers from local homes and businesses have now relied on All Pest Control & Solutions for dependable service that has expelled intrusions involving bed bugs, rodents, stinging insects, and many other undesirable and potentially harmful pests. As a locally-owned organization that is active in this community, we remain committed to operating in a manner that protects people and the local physical environment that we share. 

We encourage you to contact our office today to schedule an onsite inspection and estimate. Remember to ask about our All Pest Essential, All Pest Plus, and All Pest Complete year-round protection packages that include six annual treatment visits and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. 


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