Why Professional Mosquito Control Is So Essential For Virginia


a mosquito biting a persons arm at their home in virginia

Oh, summer - bright, sunny mornings; fluffy, white clouds; and vibrant, green trees are all so very close now. Now that summer is almost here in Virginia, the warmth can pose a new threat to your health, and that threat comes in the form of mosquitoes.

Mosquito season in Virginia isn’t necessarily a defined season; rather, it is a reached minimum temperature. Most mosquitoes become active when the temperature reaches 50° or higher, and their populations throughout the warmest months increases with the temperature. Virginia is left with a humid climate as spring fades into summer, providing mosquitoes with a prime environment great for breeding and spreading diseases.

Mosquitoes are carriers of several diseases; a couple of the more commonly known diseases include yellow fever and the more recent Zika virus. These diseases become widespread, because the infected mosquito can bite several victims, and some diseases (like the Zika virus) can be spread from person to person as well.

Because mosquitoes are such a hardy insect, effectively mosquito-proofing any area is nearly impossible. Mosquitoes have excellent eyesight for insects, so they can detect a moving target from several yards away. They are highly sensitive to the carbon dioxide that is exhaled by all mammals and can follow the scent of your sweat from a mile or so away. Because of this, many DIY solutions are almost entirely useless against them, and mosquitoes have very few natural predators other than birds and bats, who get most of their food from other bugs and fruits in addition to mosquitoes. Dragonflies are the main predators of mosquitoes, but dragonflies have highly specific environmental requirements, so they often aren’t present in all the areas mosquitoes are.

While removing stagnant water sources and drenching yourself in bug repellent may help reduce a small portion of your mosquito problems, it pales in comparison to how a professional at All Pest Control can significantly shrink the population of mosquitoes around your home. Our monthly or one-time mosquito treatment services run from April through October. All Pest Control provides mosquito treatments that are environmentally friendly and leave no residual odor, so you can be sure that your lawn is safe with us. We strive to go above and beyond with our pest control services, so give All Pest Control a call so we can discuss the needs of your specific pest problem - we promise you won’t be disappointed.


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