Are Termites In Virginia Dangerous?

The termites we battle in Virginia are subterranean. They live under the ground and feed on wood. Since you're made of wood, you don't have anything to fear from these insects regarding impacting your health. But you should be concerned about how dangerous they can be to your savings account. If these wood-destroying organisms get into your property and go undetected, they can damage your property over time. When you start to notice the signs of subterranean termite damage, it is likely to be too late to prevent serious internal damage. We will be talking about this today. Here's how Virginia termites create hardships for Virginia property owners.

They're Sneaky

When subterranean termites attack your Virginia home, they're not going to let you know that they're doing it. The two ways these insects enter your yard and start to feed on your property can be very subtle.

Workers — When workers come into your yard, they tunnel through the soil, under the ground where you can't see them. You may, however, see signs that workers have come into your yard. You may turn over a board in your yard that termites have eaten or find wood that looks like it is deteriorating on fence posts where they touch the soil; these are a couple of signs of termites. Described as pale-colored "ants," you can find termites inside a stump or log. If you find pale-colored ants in a stump, take a closer look. They're probably worker termites.

Swarmers — When winged termites come into your yard to create a nest, they probably won't come in a swarm. Termite swarmers last for less than 30 minutes. When termites find a mate, they pair off and search for a location to create a nest. If two swarmers come into your yard, you'll have a hard time seeing them. Swarmers are very small, only about 3/8 of an inch long. Swarmers don't stay topside for long. They quickly go down into the soil and start making a family.

They Stay Out Of Sight

When worker termites feed on your home, they don't do it out in the open where you can see them. Termite workers avoid light. They can consume every inch of a wooden timber without breaching the wood and exposing their tunnels to the outside. It is quite impressive yet entirely startling. You can have millions of termites in your home without knowing it.

They're Quiet

While it is possible to hear termites inside your walls, it is not as easy as you might think. They're pretty quiet. If you hear them, you'll likely hear soldiers banging their heads on tunnel walls rather than the sound of chewing. Soldiers do this to warn other termites of a threat, such as invading ant workers. It sounds like a clicking or rustling sound. If you hear it, you should contact a licensed pest management professional as soon as possible.

They're Diligent

Termite workers never sleep. They are simple organisms that don't require sleep to regain their energy. They're active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, allowing them to constantly consume the wood of your home, one tiny little bite at a time. In a few years to a decade, they can create enough damage that you may start to notice that your floors are sinking, your walls are bulging out, and your ceilings are dipping down. You may notice that your windows and doors are sticking. When you notice this kind of damage, it is too late to protect your savings account.

The worst part about having termites feed on your home is that they can create a financial hardship in the season of your life when you're looking to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We can help you protect your retirement and safeguard your equity by providing professional termite inspections, liquid treatments, and termite monitoring. Reach out to All Pest Control & Solutions today and schedule to meet with one of our licensed technicians. Don't wait till you see the damage. It might be too late.


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