Are Boxelder Bugs In Roanoke Dangerous?


a boxelder bug crawling on masonry

The earth is literally crawling with insects and creatures. There are so many different kinds, each with their own look, set of behaviors, eating habits, and required habitats. They also bring various risks. Some can hurt people with their bites, stings, or scratches. Others can make folks terribly sick because they are vectors for disease. A large number can destroy homes, businesses, and belongings in Roanoke. For species that are familiar, the hazards are largely known. It’s another story for pests that aren’t as “popular.”

With boxelder bugs, the average person doesn’t even know what they are. Therefore, having an idea of their danger level would be a long shot. Continue reading to uncover the mystery of these elusive insects, and how you can ward them off with All Pest Control.

What Do Boxelder Bugs Look Like? What Are The Hazards?

Boxelder bugs range from 0.43 to 0.53 of an inch long in size. Orange markings highlight the wings on their black bodies. Their name is a descriptor for the kinds of trees they prefer. Using pricking stems on their mouths, they absorb the juices of box elder, ash, cherry, peach, maple, and plum trees. Sucking critical liquids from organic matter damages the trees they target, making them an agricultural nightmare. It doesn’t help that they can swarm in large groups and are pretty tough to eliminate.

When it gets cool outside, boxelder bugs will attempt to enter homes and businesses for shelter. They can come through gaps by doors, screens, windows, and foundations. From there, they will sneak off to hibernate and procreate in these spots:

  • Crawlspaces

  • Basements

  • Attics

  • Floorboards

  • Walls

You won’t have to worry about you or your pets being bitten by boxelder bugs, but their mouth-parts can indeed cause a little pain. The good news is that these insects aren’t known for communicating illnesses or diseases. The most havoc they will wreak indoors will be on your surfaces and fabrics. They will leave red-orange fecal waste that is intensely staining. You’ll have a difficult time washing the blemishes out of clothes, linens, curtains, upholstered furniture, and the like. If you smash them, you also might regret it as it will result in a stinky odor.

How Can Boxelder Bugs Be Prevented?

You will have to survey and improve the quality of your property’s structure and land to defeat boxelder bugs. This includes the lawn. The surroundings can’t be comfortable for this pest. Necessary repairs will have to be performed, such as:

  • Close up openings near foundations, roof-lines, windows, and doors.

  • Move flowers and plants a few feet away from exterior doors.

  • Trim your grass and greenery, and maintain your yard.

  • Don’t plant trees boxelder bugs prefer. If there’s an applicable tree already on your property, you can have it cut down. Outside of that, you’ll need to monitor it.

  • Plant a male boxelder tree if you desire to have one. The female ones foster seeds and are subsequently more vulnerable.

  • Examine siding and roof panels that are exposed to the sun; boxelder bugs seek warmth in covered areas.

What Can All Pest Control Do About Boxelder Bugs?

The technicians at All Pest Control are skilled and highly-trained. They have the knowledge to identify spaces susceptible to boxelder bugs, where they are forming nests, and how they are getting inside your property. They will use advanced equipment and industrial-grade products for treatment. Our solutions are strong and will kill these critters, but they’ll be safe for humans and domestic animals. Your vegetation will be protected as well. Our pest control plans are wallet-friendly and well-rounded. Call today to schedule your free inspection!


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