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All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Lynchburg Homes

You may think that your spotlessly clean home is immune to pest activity, but you would be terribly, terribly wrong. Most pests here in the Lynchburg area are unimpressed by the differences between clean and dirty homes. In fact, pests such as bed bugs are only concerned with how many people there are to feed on....

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Answering Roanoke's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions 

Mice are some of the most common invasive pests here in the Roanoke area. However, many homeowners have questions about how, when, and where these pests came from in the first place. All Pest Control & Solutions has put together a handy FAQ that will answer your most pressing questions right away....

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How To Tell If Your Lynchburg Property Has Termites

Many Lynchburg residents put off pest management when they shouldn’t. The majority of insects and creatures can be very harmful in one of two ways. Considering that pests often reproduce quickly, it’s important to be proactive about prevention. This is definitely true with termites....

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Are Boxelder Bugs In Roanoke Dangerous?

The average person doesn't know what boxelder bugs are, not to mention the threats they pose. Continue reading to uncover the mystery of these elusive insects and how you can ward them off with All Pest Control!...

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What You Ought To Know About Stink Bugs In Virginia

Although not all pests are dangerous to humans, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own ways of disrupting our lives. That’s especially true for stink bugs which, if their name is any indication, can emit foul-smelling odors that can be very unpleasant. On top of this, they can be harmful to plants, as well....

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The Trick To Effective Termite Control For Your Lynchburg Home

What if the structural wood of your house is currently being eaten away and you don’t even know it? This could be the case if you have a termite infestation. These “silent destroyers” often invade homes and businesses, do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to the structures, and owners are none the wiser—until it is too late....

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Do You Know How Dangerous Cockroaches In Virginia Really Are? 

It should be mentioned that any pest damage or destruction you might have noticed around the home could not have been caused by just one cockroach. In fact, you may be dealing with a full-blown infestation long before you notice even one pest. If you are concerned that a cockroach infestation could be taking place (quite literally) under your nose, reach out to the caring experts at All Pest Co...

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Radford's Step-By-Step Guide To Spring Pest Prevention 

You might think that the menace is far away, but the spring season – and our local pest population – is about to make a dramatic debut appearance. As days become longer and the weather grows warmer, many different types of pests will begin to hatch or emerge from diapause and take over our backyards once again....

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