Common Warning Signs Of Termite Infestation


a termite crawling on damaged wood outside a home in virginia

As the last rains of spring subside and the summer heat begins to bear down on us, termite swarms become more and more common. Termites don’t hibernate, so even though they’re most active during summer, they’re also chewing away all year long. It is very important that you notice the signs of termites living in or around your home before they split into separate colonies and expand. It’s one thing if you have a single colony invading your space, and it’s quite another when you have several colonies munching on your home. If a single colony has up to 300,000 termites, think of the damage even just one more colony could create! Termites cost homeowners a hefty 5 billion dollars in damages each year—here are some signs that your home has been infested.

Termite Warning Signs

There are several signs that indicate termites are living in your home, however, you also must look for signs of termites around your home as well. If you have a termite colony living anywhere on your property, that colony will split into a new one once it has grown too large to stay in one place, often targeting your home as a perfect area to grow and thrive.

  • Discarded wings are a common sign that you are sharing your living space with termites. Look around for any windows or doors where termites may have discarded their wings, keeping in mind that they only do this when they have found a suitable place to breed and start a new colony.

  • If your home has been infested with drywood termites, you will notice piles of droppings that resemble sawdust or coffee grounds, often marking an entrance to their nests.

  • Mud tubes are small tunnels made of dirt and soil, which termites use to connect to their food sources together. Look for these at the base of staircases, along ceilings, and across your porch.

  • Seeing swarms of termites flying from one place to another is an alarming sign that you already have a termite infestation, and that it is now spreading to other areas in or around your home.

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