Here's Why You Should Call The Professionals About Rodent Control For Your Lynchburg Home


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Rodents can be cute and cuddly, but they are also destructive. If you want to avoid the damage that can be caused by rodents, you need to work hard to keep them away. Before rodents take over your Lynchburg home, work with a professional to deter the pests. Find out why you need a professional.

Rodents In Lynchburg

Although there are several types of rodents in Lynchburg, there are two that frequently invade homes. Mice and rats. They have the potential to harm you or do damage to your property.
Mice are generally smaller than rats. While the tails on mice are thin and hairy, the tails on rats are thick and hairless. You can also tell the difference between the two by looking at the nose. A mouse has a triangular nose, but a rat has a blunt nose. Both animals can be similar in color, but only rats can be black.  It's important to note that you are unlikely to find both mice and rats in your home at the same time.

The Hazards Of Rodents

As they scurry around your home, rodents are a nuisance. They can keep you awake at night or make you uncomfortable in your own home. However, rodents are more than annoying - they're dangerous. As rodents urinate and defecate in your home, they put your health at risk. Whether or not they bite you, rodents could spread hantavirus, leptospirosis, and salmonella. If you breathe in particles from rodent feces, you could become seriously ill. People who have allergies or compromised immune systems are particularly at risk.
Having rodents around also puts your home in danger. Because they have sharp teeth, rodents are capable of chewing through almost anything. They can cause extensive damage to your home, leaving you to foot the bill for repairs.

Why You Need Help

It's clear that rodents don't belong in your home. But why can't you keep them out on your own? There are some DIY methods in which you can keep rodents out, but they don't replace the need for a professional. This is due to the fact that rodents are prolific breeders. What starts out as a small problem will quickly turn into a major rodent infestation. If you don't resolve the problem quickly, you could end up with significant damage to your home. 
Rodents are escape artists. Even large rats can squeeze through small cracks. Although you might try to seal up your home, there's only so much that you can do. It's likely that the pests will find a way to invade your property. Unless you completely eliminate your rodent problem, these pests won't completely go away. You need to eliminate them all and prevent them from coming back. However, DIY methods like mouse traps aren't typically enough to get the job done.

What Can A Professional Do?

An experienced pest control technician has training in identifying pests and understanding their behavior. When they come to your home, they know how to identify the source of your issue. Once they do that, they come up with a solution to your rodent infestation. They also have the right tools for the job. If your home already has a rodent problem, a professional will have everything they need to eliminate them. With their help, you can have a pest-free home. 
Don't live in fear of a rodent infestation. For total rodent control, contact the professionals at All Pest Control & Solutions.


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