Lynchburg's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Ant Control  


fire ants crawling near an ant hill

What do we want? Effective ant control! When do we want it? Now! How do we get it? Well, that’s a different story. 
The trouble with ants found around the Lynchburg area is mainly that they outnumber us one to a thousand. There are (without any exaggeration) at least several million ants wandering around our backyards and front lawns. This goes for every household and neighborhood, too! Homes in Timberlake, around downtown Lynchburg, and even suburban areas like Forest are filled to the brim with creepy, crawly ants!  
There are a few species, in particular, to watch out for here in the Lynchburg area:

  • The fire ant 

  • The carpenter ant 

  • The pavement ant 

  • The Argentine ant 

  • The odorous house ant 

Some of the above species, particularly the Pavement ant and the Argentine ant, are relatively harmless creatures posing little danger to anyone. However, some species such as the carpenter ant, the fire ant, and the odorous house ant can lead to significant dangers for people, pets, and their property. Regardless of the damages they cause, no ant should truly be welcomed around your Lynchburg property. 
So where and how should you start your efforts to prevent local ants from multiplying out of control? Below are a few tips to help you get started.

Ant Control Tips From The Pros At Lynchburg’s All Pest Control  & Solutions

A great place to start with ant control and mitigation lies with understanding the needs of the insect. Like any other form of life, ants require a few factors to be present before moving forward with an infestation:

  • An abundance of food and water

  • A plethora of spaces to grow a colony

  • Lots of access in and out of the home

This is where prevention efforts come in. If you start protecting your home this early in the spring, you may be perfectly prepared to weather the coming pest storm in a few weeks. 

A great place to start with any form of ant control is with a deep cleaning. All species of ants are attracted to food, sugary drinks, and the small vestiges left behind by both. It doesn’t take much to make a meal for hungry ants, which is why cleaning deeply and frequently is the best way to approach a long-term prevention plan.

  • Wipe out cupboards and drawers, and pay special attention to the bottoms of heavy appliances and the spaces underneath furniture.

  • Eliminate ant access to food and water sources around your property by properly sealing up food items in plastic bins. Do not allow food items to remain out on the counter or very long, regardless of their expiration dates. 

  • Ensure that you know how to identify and seal up potential entry points around the house. Check window screens, door sweeps, and home foundations for any signs of damage or compromise.

Are you concerned that you may already be facing a serious ant problem? You need answers right away. Get them with a free home consultation from All Pest Control & Solutions today.

Controlling Lynchburg Ants With All Pest Control & Solutions

Professional grade problems call for professional-grade solutions, which is why All Pest Control and Solutions in Lynchburg VA offers nothing but the best ant control on the market. Our residential pest control programs vie for the top slot with top-notch baits and formulas, highly trained professional service operatives, and so much more. 
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