How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Virginia Homes

There are many misconceptions about bed bugs. These misconceptions can cause more than a little bit of confusion when bed bugs find their way into your Virginia home. Let's dissect them and get to the truth about how bed bug infestations start.

Do bed bugs get in from the outside?

While bed bugs live outside of your home, they don't live in your yard. These insects are almost exclusively indoor pests. If you attempt to keep them out of your home by spraying your exterior or by applying other exterior pest control, you'll have no success. These bugs will hitch a ride past your perimeter treatments. 

Do you get bed bugs from motels and hotels?

There is a common belief that you can pick up bed bugs in motels and hotels. While you can certainly get bed bugs from these places and bring them home with you, these are far from the only businesses that have trouble with bed bugs. It is important to expand your understanding if you want to avoid bringing bed bugs home. You can find bed bugs in:

  • Schools

  • Dormitories

  • Nursing homes and assisted living

  • Daycares

  • Libraries

  • Movie theaters

  • Retail outlets

  • Police lockups

  • Office buildings

  • All forms of public transportation

  • And more

Do bed bugs only infest dirty homes?

Bed bugs don't just infest businesses. You can get them when you or your kids visit friends and relatives. But you might not be thinking about this if your friends and relatives keep their homes clean. You may believe the misconception that only dirty people have bed bugs. This is not true. Any home can have bed bugs. But there are a few things to consider:

  • If bed bugs enter a clean home, they're not going to leave that home if it doesn't suit their needs. 

  • The idea that bed bugs live in dirty homes is part of their origin because they leave black and brown stains on mattresses and other items. When removed from a home, these items appear dirty. But the stains are from the insects, not the people. And these stay hidden from view because bed bugs stay hidden from view, so the people aren't aware of the stains.

  • A cluttered home can allow bed bugs to stay hidden for a long period, but the bed bugs aren't going to leave a home that isn't cluttered.

  • Bed bugs aren't attracted to bacteria or environments that are dirty.

Always be aware of your surroundings. Bed bugs can be in any home at any time. If you're familiar with the warning signs, like those black and brown stains, you'll have a better chance of keeping bed bugs from coming home with you.

Are bed bugs microscopic?

You might think so. Not only are bed bugs small, but they also prefer to be in tight spaces, voids, and utter darkness. But we can assure you that you can see bed bugs with the naked eye. If you uncover them, you'll see them. And hopefully, you'll recognize them. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • To find bed bugs, you may need to look in tight spaces, such as between your mattress and box spring.

  • You may need to drag a debit card along a mattress seam to dislodge evidence that bed bugs are in your mattress.

  • You may need to use a flashlight to examine bags, luggage, pocketbooks, and other items where bed bugs hide.

  • If you see bed bugs, they may be anywhere from 1mm to 4.5mm long. They may be pale, tan, or reddish-brown, depending on their age. They will have six legs and two antennae. They may be flat and oval-shaped or bloated and pill-shaped, depending on whether or not they have recently fed. An immature nymph may have a bright red abdomen because its skin is more transparent than an adult's.

  • If you probe a seam, crevice, or gap, you may find shed skins, tiny white eggs, or black feces from these insects. Seeing these things will help you determine that you have bed bugs in your home.

Can you prevent bed bug infestations?

It can be difficult to keep bed bugs from hitching a ride into your home. They can come in on you, your kids, your friends, or on other people. They can also arrive in your home within luggage, bags, used furniture, storage boxes, and more. While there are many methods for preventing a bed bug infestation, these bugs can find ways into your home no matter what you do.

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