ladybug in a tree

What do ladybugs look like?

Many people think all ladybugs are red with black spots, and while most do have the "typical" ladybug markings, they can also be yellow, orange, pink, or black. Most have dark markings (stripes or dots), but others lack markings and are solid in color.

Ladybugs have a domed-shaped body that is oval. The pronotum (located right behind the ladybug's head) hides and protects the head. Ladybugs have six short legs and a pair of short antennae. The part of the ladybug that shows its colors or patterns is the elytra. The elytron is a hard shell that protects its large, delicate wings. 

lady bug crawling on the ground

Are ladybugs dangerous?

A single ladybug can eat more than 5,000 aphids in its lifetime, making these pests extremely beneficial in gardens. Ladybugs are predators and naturally feed on garden pests. Ladybugs rarely are problematic for people in garden areas and are most often welcomed guests. It is when they move into our homes that they are a problem. The biggest concern is if ladybugs could get into your home, so can other more problematic insects. 

Will ladybugs damage my house and property?

True ladybugs live outside and rarely become a problem inside homes or other structures. If they do find a way inside, they are not harmful to people or the structure of the building. Ladybugs typically only move inside during the late fall to secure a safe, warm spot to overwinter. They congregate in secluded, quiet areas like wall voids, attics, and crawl spaces. As ladybugs move around a home or other structure, they may stain some surfaces with excrement. 

Why do I have a ladybug problem?

Ladybugs tend to congregate in agricultural fields, wooded areas, landscaped areas, and gardens. Often our yards make a perfect place for these pests to thrive; they provide them with plenty of food and vegetation in which to hide. Properties located near fields, meadows, parks, wooded areas, and similar habitats may experience more problems with ladybugs than those found in more urban areas. 

How do I get rid of ladybugs?

Staying ahead of ladybugs and putting into place a plan to stop them before they have the chance to move into your home is the best way to prevent problems with these pests. If you experience regular issues with ladybugs, it is best to contact the professionals at All Pest Control & Solutions. 

We serve Salem and the New River Valley areas. Our professionals understand local pests and develop and implement a plan of action to eliminate and control them. If you want to protect your property from unwanted ladybugs, reach out today and learn more about our 100% satisfaction guaranteed pest control solutions!

Does All Pest Control have ladybug prevention tips?

While difficult to control pests that live and breed outside, there are some steps you can take to make your property less attractive to ladybugs.

  • Cut their ability to find a way into your home. Inspect your home's exterior, sealing any spaces you find in walls, the foundation, or around windows and doors.

  • Create garden spaces away from the outside walls of your home.

  • Limit the amount of landscaping planted near your house.

  • Most insects, including ladybugs, are attracted to light. Keep exterior lights off whenever possible or use a motion sensor, so the lights are not always on.

  • If you see stray ladybugs in your home, the best way to remove them is with a vacuum cleaner. 


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