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Roanoke is a large metropolitan city located in Virginia. Roanoke offers its residents plenty of educational, professional, and housing opportunities to help all of its residents thrive. To help maintain a positive atmosphere in Roanoke, the pest professionals at All Pest Control & Solutions offer affordable, comprehensive, dependable, and modern pest control solutions. Our experts offer the services needed to protect people and property from the area’s most common insects and rodents. We are proud to be Roanoke and the New River Valley's most trusted termite and pest control option. To learn more about our program options and which one will work best to solve your pest-related problems, give us a call today!

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Residential Pest Control in Roanoke City, Virginia

Don’t let your home and property become a place where insects and rodents feel comfortable living. Instead, put into place the year-round services needed to keep pests out of your home and away from your family and belongings.

At All Pest Control & Solutions we have developed three different  home pest control plans to help meet the unique needs of any Roanoke, Virginia homeowner:

  • Our All Pest Essential plan protects homes from common house-infesting insects and rodents. This plan offers bi-monthly services that start with an initial inspection. It includes the treatment of existing pest problems along with any other pest problems that our experts discover during their visit.  At each bi-monthly service visit, our technicians return to control and prevent house-infesting pests like ants, spiders, and rodents.

  • All Pest Plus offers general pest control, plus termite monitoring.

  • All Pest Complete offers general pest control, termite monitoring, seasonal mosquito treatments, and seasonal exterior tick control.

Please give us a call and speak with one of our helpful professionals. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our year-round home pest control plans.

Tips to Minimize Mosquito Exposure in Roanoke City, Virginia

Mosquitoes are pests that are found living and breeding outside. Both males and females feed on the nectar of plants and flowers. Additionally, female mosquitoes feed on the blood of people and animals in order to get the protein that is required to form and nourish their eggs.
The female’s feeding habit is what makes mosquitoes such a dangerous pest. Female mosquitoes feed on a wide variety of hosts, which means that they have the potential to spread a wide variety of diseases to both people and pets. To help minimize the numbers of mosquitoes found living and breeding on your Roanoke property, it is important to reduce areas of moisture and limit the areas where they like to hide and breed.

Tips for minimizing mosquito exposure include:

  • Reduce areas of thick or overgrown vegetation on your property.

  • Keep your property’s grass cut short.

  • Limit the amount of flowering vegetation planted on your property, especially any that are planted near the exterior of your home.

  • Reduce areas of standing water on your property by leveling out low-lying areas of ground with dirt-fill.

  • Prevent water from collecting in containers around your yard by storing wheelbarrows, buckets, flower pots, pet dishes and like items inside storage buildings or upside down when not in use.

  • Make sure that gutters are maintained and do not allow water to collect inside them.

  • Put into place a professional mosquito reduction program.

To limit the numbers of mosquitoes found living and breeding on Virginia properties, we have developed a three-step mosquito control process that includes:

  • Initial mosquito inspection.

  • Initial mosquito treatment.

  • Ongoing mosquito control treatment throughout their most active season- between May and October. This service is 100% guaranteed. If mosquitoes are biting you between scheduled treatments we will return to apply another treatment at no additional cost to you. 

To learn more about our mosquito control process, reach out to us and speak with one of our helpful professionals.

Commercial Pest Control in Roanoke City, Virginia

Pests living in or around your Roanoke business is simply unacceptable. Even just a few nuisance ants wandering around can cause doubt in customers. 

There are absolutely no positives when it comes to pest infestations within a commercial property, some of the negative include:

  • Loss of customers

  • Loss of employees

  • Loss of revenue

  • Loss of inventory

  • Loss of equipment

To protect Virginia business from pests we have developed a 3-step approach to commercial pest control.

  • Step one is an onsite inspection where our technicians look for conditions that may be attracting pests to your facility. They also look for evidence of current pest activity during the inspection process.

  • The second step is the development of a treatment and elimination plan that is specific to your Roanoke business.

  • Our third and final step is the implementation of a pest management program which has the potential to include weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly visits. 

We focus on providing you with a long-term solution to your pest problems using the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM controls and eliminates pests through biological controls, habitat manipulations, exclusion services, and mechanical controls (bait stations).
To learn more about protecting your Roanoke business and its reputation from pests, call All Pest Control and Solutions to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions!

Termite Damage Can Be Avoided in Roanoke City, Virginia

Termites cause serious damage inside any home or property that they decide to invade since they feed on its structural wood. The good news when it comes to termites is that the damage they cause can be prevented. 

At All Pest Control & Solutions we protect homes and properties from termites through our 4-step proven termite control process:

  • A professional termite inspection is completed by one of our certified wood-destroying insect inspectors.

  • If termites or their signs are present, we perform a termite spot treatment to keep termites controlled until the scheduled liquid termite treatment is completed.

  • The application of a liquid termite control product is completed. Our experts use Termidor® termiticide/insecticide termite treatment. This odor-free liquid is applied along the outside perimeter and foundation of the property to create a "treatment zone" that termites cross through. This method of treatment is effective and eliminates the entire colony.

  • Our experts provide maintenance and monitoring services to ensure the effectiveness of your termite treatment. Monitoring devices may be used to help detect future infestations.

To learn more about our termite control process or to schedule an inspection for your Roanoke home, give the wood-destroying insect experts at All Pest Control & Solutions a call.


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