Answering Roanoke's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions 


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Mice are some of the most common invasive pests here in the Roanoke area. However, many homeowners have questions about how, when, and where these pests came from in the first place. All Pest Control & Solutions has put together a handy FAQ that will answer your most pressing questions right away.

Can Mice Climb Walls?

An adult mouse can jump up to a foot over a horizontal space, and can climb a total of 13 inches up a smooth, vertical wall. Unless you have strong prevention measures in place, you can bet that mice will be scrambling up the walls and surfaces of your building to break into the home.

Can Mice See In The Dark?

Contrary to popular belief, rodents cannot see very well in the dark. Their poor eyesight at all levels makes it extremely difficult to spot things in low light. This is one of the primary reasons that mice rely on their sense of smell to get around.

What Attracts Mice To A House?

Just like people, mice are attracted to homes that have their best interests in mind. There are a number of factors that push these small creatures to take up residence indoors, including:

  • Food Access: Homes that keep a large amount of food items, dirty dishes, trash, or crumbs about have a higher likelihood of accumulating a rodent infestation. 

  • Water Supply: Rodents like mice need a large volume of water in order to survive. Homes with higher humidity levels often pick up mouse infestations more frequently than other homes. 

  • Warm Shelter: Mice are big fans of cold weather, and prefer to live in warm, dark, quiet spaces. Your home may be offering all of that and more to curious or exploring mice.

How Do I Keep Mice Out Of My House?

Mice can be mitigated from your property by following these simple prevention steps:

  • Reduce And Eliminate Rodent Attractant Factors: Remove excess food and dirty dishes from counters. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors as often as possible. Store all garbage items in a sealed bin that is lined with plastic wrapper. 
  • Remove leaking water from drains, pipes, and puddling source. 
  • Clean up rooms that house clutter, and turn them into much more open, cleaner areas.
  • Do what you can to take boxes or other objects off the floor, and store these on a high shelf or surface. The fewer dark spaces you leave for mice to hide in, the better.

Does Spotting A Single Mouse Mean I Have An Infestation?

The unfortunate answer to this question is simply ‘yes.’ While sighting only one mouse scurrying about the home is better than sighting two, your chances of having a full-blown infestation is just as high. Even a single mouse in the home could be pointing towards a much bigger issue, especially if you have seen said pest more than once.

How Do I Get Rid Of Mice?

If you have added prevention measures to your home but still find mice running about the property, your risks for household damages, physical damages, and communicable diseases will be extremely high. In order to remove these risks, invest with a professional pest control company such as All Pest Control & Solutions. We make mouse treatment, a piece of cake, applying forward-thinking household inspections, treatment measures, and follow up visits that work to stop pest infestations in their tracks. 
For more information about our mouse control and treatment plans, please contact the Roanoke office of All Pest Control & Solutions right away. We’re looking forward to assisting you today, tomorrow, and in all the days to come.


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