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Radford's Step-By-Step Guide To Spring Pest Prevention 

You might think that the menace is far away, but the spring season – and our local pest population – is about to make a dramatic debut appearance. As days become longer and the weather grows warmer, many different types of pests will begin to hatch or emerge from diapause and take over our backyards once again....

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Are Termites Silently Destroying Your Christiansburg Home?

If something threatens the well-being of your family or your investments, you work quickly to solve the problem. But what if we were to tell you that one problem that threatens many homes across Christiansburg is a silent, unseen one, a threat that most people don’t become aware of until years after it has begun destroying their home....

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Keeping Mice Out Of Your Christiansburg Home

A home with rodents isn’t truly a home. To be considered a home, the place you live must be safe. And when rodents get inside and start sharing your living space with you, safety goes right out the window. Today we are talking about why this is....

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