Should I Be Worried About Pill Bugs Around My Radford Home?

What eats pill bugs? Where can you find pill bugs? These roly-polys come with plenty of questions. Here’s what Radford homeowners should know about identifying pill bugs, where you can expect to find them, easy ways to get rid of them, and how using pest control in Radford can help you get rid of pill bugs much more quickly.

What Do Pill Bugs Look Like?

With gray coloring and segmented bodies that may look similar to armor, pill bugs are wingless land-living crustaceans that frequently invade gardens and sometimes homes.

Are pill bugs and sowbugs the same? Although some people use the terms sowbugs and pill bugs interchangeably, these pests are not the same. Their appearance and coloring may be similar, but sowbugs have short, tail-like appendages that protrude from their backs. Pill bugs don’t have these appendages.

Here’s some background information on pill bugs and some interesting facts about pill bugs: 

  • Pill bugs are cold-blooded, which means that they don’t regulate their body temperature on their own, but rely on their environment to regulate it for them.

  • Pill bugs are sensitive to light and nocturnal, which is why you’re most likely to see them moving around at night.

  • Female pill bugs can produce a “brood” of new pill bugs each year, and there can be as many as 200 new pill bugs born in each brood.

  • Pill bugs are the only land-living crustaceans.

  • Pill bugs are also sometimes called “roly-polys” and they get their name from the spiral shape they roll into whenever they feel threatened.

Pill bugs may not be dangerous but they are still a nuisance that you will want to keep out of your home whenever possible.

Where You Can Expect To Find Pill Bugs

Where do pill bugs live? Pill bugs are resilient, and you can find these critters almost anywhere that’s moist or damp. These pests feed on decaying vegetation and plant matter, so some of their frequent hiding spots include under rocks, soil, or other debris that’s outdoors. Yards and properties that have moisture or drainage issues or a lot of debris lying around tend to harbor more pill bugs.

Because they need a lot of moisture, pill bugs prefer to spend most of their time outdoors, and you’re more likely to see them as an outdoor infestation than an indoor one. However, pill bugs can sometimes survive or travel indoors if the conditions are right. Damp first-floor bathrooms, garages, or basements can be more susceptible to pill bugs if they have increased moisture. Of course, if you bring yard debris or a potted plant inside, pill bugs could also accidentally end up in your home.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs

They may not be dangerous, but that doesn’t mean you want an infestation of pill bugs near your Radford home. Some easy ways to get rid of and deter pill bugs include: 

  • Keep flower pots and other potted plants elevated off the ground or on a rack.

  • If you’ve got ventilation or moisture issues in your garage, basement, or other rooms of your home, make sure you’re addressing these problems in a timely manner.

  • If you have a woodpile on your property, make sure you’re keeping it at least several feet from your home.

  • When planting mulch in your garden, use a “dry zone” that covers six to twelve inches around your foundation.

  • Always inspect yard debris and potted plants for signs of pill bugs or other pests before you bring them inside.

Keep in mind that you may not notice a pill bug problem immediately since these pests are mostly nocturnal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Contact The Professionals To Get Rid Of Pill Bugs Fast!

Pill bugs are far from the most dangerous type of pest that you can encounter near your home or property, but that doesn’t mean you want these nuisances hanging around. When it comes to getting rid of pill bugs, the fastest and most effective way to do so is by working with All Pest Control & Solutions to get reliable home pest control.

Pill bugs can cause damage to your gardens or be an annoyance in your home. If you’re finding these rolled-up critters everywhere, there’s only one thing to do – contact us today at All Pest Control & Solutions to learn more about how we can help you get rid of pill bugs in Radford.


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